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Healthy, Safe and Wise

In Mexico, 43% of girls in puberty prefer not to attend school during their menstrual periods. (Unicef)

A period is not a problem... unless it leads to girls missing school, dropping out and feeling they are unworthy. Together, we can change this.

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We are Niñas Sabias – Wise Girls – and our mission is to empower girls to participate fully in school and in life.

Through mentoring girls to acknowledge their worth, wisdom, and power, we can change limitations and burdens into empowerment and strength. Together, the women who care about the girls of Lake Chapala can Make It Happen.

Niñas Sabias Make it happen

Make Wise Girls happen!

So girls emerge stronger and happier in pursuit of their dreams.

During the final months of 2022, we have a goal: to make the Niñas Sabias model become a reality in 2023. This model weaves education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship into a fabric of change. Through it we will:

Niñas Sabias Goal 1

Train/certify 12 teachers to present an innovative menstrual education program – “Wise Girls Workshops” - for girls preparing for or experiencing puberty.

Niñas Sabias Goal 2

Implement this 10-hour program providing menstrual health, body literacy and self-care for girls preparing for, or experiencing, puberty.

Niñas Sabias Goal 3

Create or partner with local micro-enterprises to source kits of quality, reusable and eco-friendly menstrual pads for every Wise Girl graduate, thereby creating new job opportunities for Mexican women.


Niñas Sabias Wise Net

Joining Our Wise Net

We dream of creating a multicultural network to uplift girls and guarantee the overall success of Niñas Sabias.

Through real community involvement weaving together a dynamic Wise Net that places girls at the center, we will be able to reach 4,000 local girls during the first year!

How To Join

Start your own Wise Net Circle or join an existing Circle. Wise Net Circles are small subgroups formed to raise awareness about the limitations girls face endangering their success. The Circles also recruit volunteers to assist Niñas Sabias and help secure funding for the program.

Supporting Wise Girls Chapala by contributing financially or as a volunteer.

Niñas Sabias Wise Net

Why do this?

Niñas Sabias provides a real opportunity to change the trajectory of girls’ lives.

Providing knowledge, health, dignity, and self-awareness to girls strengthens families and communities. By becoming a part of this prevention program we can give back to this community and plant powerful seeds of transformation that will continue for generations.

“If we succeed in empowering girls, we'll succeed in everything else.”

-- Desmond Tutu.


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NIÑAS SABIAS changes limitations and burdens into empowerment and rising.

Help us continue mentoring girls to acknowledge their worth, wisdom and power.